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Thank You Jean Charest.

*[Allright, here is a translation of my letter to Jean Charest. After a slow start, I just put the whole thing through an automatic translation and corrected the errors/wording to be as close to the original as possible. I hope the english is correct, and understandable…]

M. the maybe very honorable Jean Charest (or is it James John Charest?)

Before you resign, you’ll probably receive huge quantities of well earned invectives that naturally mustn’t be much fun to read.
With a thought for you as I was walking in the streets tonight, I felt that after all, through it all, you also earned a few acknowledgments.

Hopefully with an equilibrium of disdain and respect, and daring to wish that your handlers will have the courage to suggest you to read me, here are mine.

Marco Simonsen-Séréda

CC: Michelle Courchesne, LeDevoir, CLASSE, FECQ, FEUQ, etc…

********************************* ********************************* *********************************

Thank you Jean Charest.
Thank you for having been so atrociously idiotic, oblivious, nasty, hypocritical and criminally irresponsible.
Thank you for having exaggerated so much on every level that even the denial of the most narrow-minded is starting to crack.
Thank you for completely destroying your life to play the cruel and ungrateful role of the evil, machiavellian, deeply loathsome villain.

Thank you too, sinister Mrs. Courchesne.
For your slimy clownings in assembly, in the face of your peers who were desperately trying to ask simple but crucial questions.
For your stomach-churning dodges and pathetic cries, for your cartoonish reversals of your « opponents » statements, who were trying to honor their function by merely trying to understand how this aberration is supposed to work.
To have so grossly failed in your role to present and justify a law, to instead play a revolting and ridiculous farce that very few people still hope to understand one day.

You have risen us up against you, and … we are ready.

Thank you for finally going completely mad and irresponsibly but also effectively kicking the ass of a people who clearly had been waiting for it a long time.
Who could have guessed on which side such a salutary kick in the behind would have come from?

Is this even possible?
Would someone be crazy enough to bring evil to be so violent, so obvious that good people finally stand up and say enough is enough?
I have as much trouble as anyone else to believe it, but it seems that through a strange sort of polarities operation, you were so abyssally negative that there before us palpably appears the most positive of lights, in the proud eyes and sincere smiles of the walkers who challenge you.

Is it a hideous way of martyrdom?
What a paradoxically noble sacrifice, when you think about it : a sort of redemption through utter abjection.
I really do not want to know what atrocious karma you drag, but do not lose heart, eh, so much disgrace in this life you should at least score a few points.

Sorry, all my apologies, it doesn’t quite make you more sympathetic to me, but thank you.
Thank you for having insanely taken upon yourself the anger, rage, and legitimate disgust of a nation.

I wonder for how long you wish to hold this disgusting role.
You must find a lot of pleasure splashing around in the hatred of sensible people, like a Darth Vader without his shell.
However, good for you if it amuses you, but almost everyone agrees that we are overdue for something other than your performance of the grotesque despot.

You played your part, of such a breathtaking thanklessness that we can not measure its impact, certainly, but it’s time to pass the script to others (which prefer, I hope, less radical methods).

Or, if you must hang in there still a little more, at least, make yourself useful : so do some cleaning up before you go.

As long as you’re coming up with improvised special laws, they might as well see a little further than the opaque and rough surface of blinders before eyes.
Provided they do not put oil on the fire, and the fire in a barrel of kerosene, and the barrel in the explosives warehouse.

The situation requires an emergency special election law, on which all present parties agree, and student associations, which have well deserved to have their say.

Especially after the humiliation and torture session that was the extraordinary (euphemism) assembly meeting for them (I admire their restraint ability : I could not, for my part, retain many screams, convulsions and stamping of all kinds).
They, who were reproached their allegedly « anti-democratic » vote by show of hands have seen – not only liberals, but some even worse suspicious creatures who imagine replacing them – their elected officials stand up in turn and commit a vote that they would perhaps not have chosen if they had also gone through a voting booth.
But they are not there as citizens, they are elected by the people, and it’s the least of things that they bother to show us how much they are untrustworthy.

Oh, when will National Assembly be shown on prime time?

People who do not want to touch politics other than through their television are obviously free to take care of their garden in such a way.
But we can also afford to stop taking them for fools, doing everything to make listening to debates and question periods uncomfortable.
Enough of this total absence of televisual means, this false objectivity that makes everything so bland and repulsive (the nature of the debates and pugilists might also be a part of it).

Thank God, internet broadcasting has enabled Quebecers to see, live, their few sensible representatives be indignant in vain against the stultifying stupidity of these unruly dunces, these spoiled and/or senile kids who barely listened to the questions and were constantly reminded to decency by the chairman of the meeting.

It hurt, but those who dared to look saw these runts always be guilty themselves of all charges they can not help but throw as soon as one tries to talk a little bit seriously.

They simultaneously saw an unwarranted takeover of powers and a total abdication of legitimacy of the ruling government.

I hope that the tactical squads of videographic citizens will put online in a relevant way the smallest and worst atrocities that were excreted that day – horror movies do not please me so much anymore, and can not hold a candle to this special law live session. But I doubt, in order to see the discussions that I missed, that I will find the courage to overcome such a harsh repugnance, so I guess that most people also have much better things to do (but perhaps it is not so much questionable marketing that does not pass, but mostly the product shown)…

But it must be more than that, because too few people have seen and will see these videos.

To help, the CBC might stop presenting all sorts of nonsense to « compete » against other channels, and return a little to its mandate.
The silliness can remain part of the program, of course, only they must leave some room for much more serious things.

The ads, for instance, are deeply embarrassing : how many people who do not know the wonderful and so far apparently unique work of CUTV News cursed these scabrous interruptions of the rare moments of live coverage of RDI?

Although some interruptions in coverage of CUTV, do I need to point out, are otherwise scabrous.
Let’s be serious: even assuming the alleged illegality of the event, where is the need for police officers to hit cameras, of journalists as well as onlookers?
Have they no interest in multiplying testimonies and records of such critical moments?
Have they no interest in showing the world they can make the difference between drunken thugs and all the rest of the protesters?

Frankly, RDI, Radio-Canada, I am disappointed. I can not find an address on your website to send this to you with the others, either, so be it.
If you knew how I was ashamed to see, night after night, the closing of the up-to-date live feed from the site, often at a time when people who care enough about social peace to move in person were most in need of it.

Look at what CUTV do when things go wrong: they stay there and cover the event, trying to be beaten up as little as possible (maybe with a Radio-Canada uniform, the blows would be more scarce). Live when it counts, of course, where it hurts: in the street, with the people, with the gasses and the bombs and bullets and other dangerous toys of professional rioters dressed up as law enforcement.

Meanwhile, in Canada:

Thank you, good evening, goodnight … really as if the earth had stopped spinning for the night and there were not all these well-intentioned people still busy fighting for hours to try to understand the actions and bellowings of tactical squads on the street.

-Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
-Excuse me?
-Disperse! Disperse!
-Oh, since you insist, but then why do you push me towards the crowd and prevent me from passing, while advancing towards me in a threatening manner by hitting your shield with your club?
-Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!

That said, everyone can see that these poor guys have no clue what they are doing, or supposed to do.
It hurts to think about a police officer who knows that if it’s not him that will beat his daughter tonight, it will be his colleague and friend.
It hurts to think about a police officer who knows how to think but is gagged by an absurd duty of confidentiality, and can not say, as he has yearned to do all along, that students, be they right or wrong, have the right not only to be heard, but that there be someone to really listen.

I hurt for the policeman who like me is still looking for the blog where all his peers can make heard this voice that does not pass through the helmet.
There are probably many teachers, administrators, officials & journalists behind him who dream to be able to do the same.

Moreover, this government that pretends to have everything planned has not yet posted, to my knowledge, an online form to submit protests/itineraries, while it was expected that it would be rather important in these early days of special law enforcement.

Now it’s too late anyway: proof is made, and will continue to be made, that the (less and less) « spontaneous » events can take place with a resounding clangor, but responsibly.

Here then is an opportunity to sincerely thank, without irony, from the heart, the SPVM officers who have a head on their shoulders and a heart in the chest, and manage a few nights here and there to generally impose their strategies, a bit more subtle than the « management of cattle » approach.
Nights that end well, which are legion but are much less talked about, are those evenings. Keep on knowing how to manage the Montreal madmen, guys, we know that you are able to do so decently.
Oh and be nice, please provide internships with you to the SQ cheerleaders who were on tour in Victoriaville: it seems that education has become severely important nowadays, and they desperately need it too.

To return to elections, I do not know at what point are the finest reports on the proportional in Québec, but I have confidence that a legion of competent, interested people will advise you well for finally making a step towards a long-awaited functional democracy.
It will be cleaner for the next party in power, and who knows, people may have even a small chance to finally feel represented by their politicians…

You could do like your people and move on the 1st of July?
Why wait unnecessarily until 2013, at this point?

With this special law that leaves so many promising students in this festive but angry idleness, they have the time it takes to help arrange everything well before the fall.
With some of their most fervent critics having presented fine analyzes leading to the consensual conclusion that they should find a job, it might be coherent to offer them something worthy of their skills.

I have no doubt they might have some constructive ideas to replace the foolish ritual of those ridiculous election advertising signs, for example.

And hey, I’ll slip in passing that we should add the option « none of the above ».
Whether it would have by then become a party in itself or a mysterious but real opening to something really new, I think it would have a serious chance of winning.
Why not give a chance to the majority of Quebecers to notify to their government, in a way that could not be more explicit, that none of the options presented to them are satisfactory.
And that we should therefore start again, not only with other candidates, but other parties.

Or, well, okay, maybe a party can present themselves again after having lost such an election after several years …
All these years of work, it would be a shame to throw everything out by the window.
But hey, after all it is they who have made « change » one of the worst clichés of politics. They should try it for once.

For those who fear for the future, they would be wiser to tone down their hysteria a little : everyone can see, or will eventually see that it can be done quietly, between grown-ups rather than between « child-kings » and « adult-kings ». They should not do too much, either, because there are charges of inciting terrorism fears that arise these days when we do not necessarily expect them…

In short, they should forget their Québec if they were satisfied as it was before – usually we’re good for this ([Je me souviens] I remember… what again?).
Because after the eyes of a people have opened on the insulting fascist drift of a law that purports to solve a false problem as foolishly, no, we can not return as before.
On this point, the nostalgic have no more control that the dreamers.

But there is no reason to be afraid: the students will take Charest’s Adult-King’s hand, and kindly wish him bon voyage, good retirement, good riddance.
Anarchy in the streets, chaos?

But it’s done, it’s past.
You’re still alive, and we are too.

When will you all understand that civil disobedience can also be, and with good reason, a party?
Of course, this is a protest, and the principle is to express severe displeasure, but when you see, night after night, all those people who are there, and who will be there tomorrow, and that are actually changing Québec, it is not quite so crazy to scream with joy.

I do not know if you remember that famous quote, but ultimately, it seems that Québec was well and truly on the edge of the chasm.
And this strange and incomprehensible Jean Charest, for reasons that escape us all, has literally made it do a huge leap forward.

The fall was not easy: nobody, but nobody, here, to my knowledge, expected to combat almost overnight a government as fascist, liar, etc, etc.
We have exhausted our superlatives, we’ve had churning stomachs, we felt the fear in our bones on that dark Sunday when the blood of the « right of access to education and social peace » flowed in the streets.

But now we have hit rock bottom, and we have our feet on the ground again.
On concrete, in fact, and it is considerably harder for the feet, in the long run.

But since you are still pretending not to understand, we continue to play our part wisely, and we will continue to do so.
Despite all kinds of last minute script changes, that leave us no real choice anyway.
But since politics is such a masquerade, let’s do in real life as in the theater, and stop playing constantly the same bad production.

If it is imperative that you play a role in it, we’ll surely find something useful for you to do.
I’ll probably never know how deliberate or accidental your talents are, but I must admit an exceptional performance from you, for some time now.
We had never seen anything like it, to say the least.

Perhaps, after all, as unlikely as it may seem, are you one of those who have deliberately chosen to infiltrate the system up to the highest levels possible to make it rot from the inside?
Too bad that by establishing such an insane law as Bill 78, you’ve done so much zeal that you have lost your mask, too.

Now, Jean of the Country, listen to the People of Québec: it is our turn.

*[hard to translate wordplay here on « Gens du Pays » : Maintenant, Jean du Pays, écoute plutôt le Peuple du Québec : c’est à notre tour.]


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