3 réflexions sur “Montréal 31 août/1er septembre 2012 – #manifencours130

  1. I was told that the policeman who said he enjoyed hitting young people was in the car at Guy street on de Maisonneuve. Someone wanted to know the car’s number. The car’s number is 15-9.

  2. I was at the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve when people began to talk about the wider picture and I gave them a lot of information about NAIRU and other such things, someone said I should do so in a more organised way and mentioned such things having been organised earlier on. That may have referred to what I was told on 21 May from someone from CLASSE who, at the square, asked me to share my knowledge of such things and I gave her contact information. Unfortunately she never contacted me and I think I would go to the square hoping to find her there. She was handing out little squares wrapped with plastic and messages « contre la hausse » which was very moving, strangely enough, and she told me to be at the 22 May demo which I couldn’t attend, but I went to the 23 May night one instead which of course was very eventful. I find myself missing all this, for months before I actually saw any of it in person I kept hearing of the relentless persistence of the students with daring demonstrations and actions and thinking increasingly that this is for real, this is for real, this is not just a token show of resistance against the neoliberal onslaught. Right now we continue to be subject to this onslaught all over the world which some are comparing to the establishment of feudalism, including someone who was the U.S. assistant secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan!

  3. About the last message, I need to clarify that by squares I mean cookie like things to eat, not felt squares…

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