Montréal 13 Novembre 2013 - HOWL LIVE

Howlarts 2013.11.13 HØWL LIVE [Sarah Pagé & Robin Best]

Montréal 13 Novembre 2013 – HØWL LIVE : Sarah Pagé & Robin Best (

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Howl! live — album release at La Sala Rossa
Wed. November 13, 2013

join Howl! arts collective for the launch of an album of live recordings, that document performances from past Howl! concerts in Montreal.

Howl! will launch a limited edition, hand crafted CD release, feat. recordings by cellist Norsola Johnson, harp player Sarah Pagé, an ensemble driven by Nick Kuepfer guitar work, a performance by Les Momies de Palerme, a duet by Brahja Waldman and Stefan Christoff and a solo trumpet, poetry piece by Jason “Blackbird” Selman.

Howl! live was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Schofield who hosts Underground Sounds on CKUT radio, the album design is done by Kevin Lo.

performances by:

Sarah Pagé + Robin Best

Sarah Pagé is an experimental harpist best known for her collaborations with The Barr Brothers, Lhasa de Sela, Patrick Watson and Esmerine. Robin Best is a graduate of McGill and Indiana University.The two have been performing together in orchestras since 2003. The « Raga » was written by OSM harpist Caroline Lizotte in 2006.

1/4 tonne bottleneck — Nick Kuepfer and Eric Craven

Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player weaving nylon string and electric guitar pieces together with live sampled tape loops and drones from various audio sources, ranging from static repetition and subtlety, to frantic and abrasive with a tendency for experimentation. Kuepfer has lived in Montreal since 2003 and has performed solo for the past 4 years, occasionally with invited guests, including Eric Craven (Hangedup) and Kristina Koropecki (Elfin Saddle/Mark Berube) pre-ceded by playing in full bands, including Elfin Saddle, Hrsta, No Nature, L’Embuscade, Aidswolf, and Lungbutter.

In November of 2010 Kuepfer released a full-length solo record in the first edition of Montreal record label Constellation records Musique Fragile series along side Toronto’s Khora and Montreal’s Les Momies de Palerme. Presently he is editing audio materials gathered during a recent residency in Svalbard.

Brahja Waldman + Stefan Christoff

Brahja Waldman is a jazz-inspired Montreal saxophonist who leads his own quintet and also performs in Land of Kush and YouYourself&i. His latest recording, Sir Real Live at Resonance, will be out in the spring.

Stefan Christoff is a Montreal based community activist and artist, you can listen to Stefan’s music at:

Jason “Blackbird” Selman

Jason “Blackbird” Selman is a Montreal born poet and trumpet player. He is the author The Freedom I Stole and co-editor of the poetry anthology Talking Book which chronicles the writings of Kalm Unity Vibe Collective (of which he is a founding member). He is the producer of the Intimate Sky performance series. He has had the privilege of working with Black Theatre Workshops Youth Works program for many years as their Poetry/Spoken Word animator. His work is grounded in the themes of ethno-musicology, surrealist expression, love and the intersection of masculinity and emotional vulnerability.


Howl! arts collective – info(at)


Howlarts_Live (vidéos):


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