Howlarts 2014.12.18 Paysages Sonores D’Hiver À Montréal


Howlarts 2014.12.18 PaysagesSonoresD’HiverÀMontréal3 [Sam Shalabi]


Howlarts 2014.12.18 PaysagesSonoresD’HiverÀMontréal4 [Francesco De Gallo]




Howl! — paysages sonores d’hiver à Montréal
Jeudi/Thursday 18 Décembre 2014, La Plante

join Howl at La Plante for a series of performances featuring sound artists and musicians, including …

Sam Shalabi / Le Berger / Francesco De Gallo / Stefan Christoff & Joseph Sannicandro

Stefan Christoff & Joseph Sannicandro presenting …

les rumeurs de la montagne rouge, en chœur, convergent
Joseph – tape loops & electronics
Stefan – field recordings & piano

“In making this work linked to the events of 2012 from the vantage point of 2014, the result couldn’t help but feel a bit haunted. I’m all for the powers of myth making, but the backward gaze of nostalgia can be very dangerous. As such, I didn’t approach this as a work trying to memorialize or glorify the events of 2012. Les Rumeurs is a meditation reflecting on how it feels after 18 months of the PQ, of continued austerity politics, of distracting debates about a racist charter, of almost no debate about what comes next.” — Joseph Sannicandro

« These sounds were recorded during moments when the streets of Montreal were alive with protest. An incredible moment, not to be viewed as exceptional but understood as a part of an extensive political process rooted in the grassroots power of the student movement, and also in a steadfast commitment to transformative social change. That restless and uncompromising energy is quickly apparent on the recordings. — Stefan Christoff

Sam Shalabi

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian composer and improviser, living between Montreal, Quebec and Cairo, Egypt. Beginning in punk rock in the late 70s, his work has evolved into a fusion of experimental, modern Arabic Music that incorporates traditional Arabic, shaabi, noise, classical, text, free improvisation and jazz. He has released 5 solo albums (including ‘On Hashish’ – a musical meditation on German writer Walter Benjamin, ‘Osama’, an audio collage on arabophobia in the wake of 9/11 and his most recent ‘Music for Arabs’), 5 albums with Shalabi Effect, a free improvisation quartet that bridges western psychedelic music and Arabic Maquam (scales) and 3 albums with Land Of Kush (experimental 30 member orchestra, for which he composes). He has appeared on over 30 albums and toured Europe, North America and North Africa.

Current projects include the release of the 6th Shalabi Effect album, a duo album with Stefan Christoff, two albums on the Italian label Sagittarius, with Beirut, Turkish and Egyptian musicians and a recent tour in the eastern U.S with Alvarius B, where Sam played solo Ud (Arabic Lute). He is also premiering a new composition for ud and electronics in a series of performances in late 2014 as well as releasing an album with The Dwarves Of East Agouza, a Cairo based trio with Maurice Louca and Alan Bishop in 2015.

Le Berger

Debut live performance as Le Berger

Francesco De Gallo
(formerly Hobo Cubes)

FDG – presents ‘Extracts of Information & Other Details in Moments of Transitive Reality’

w/ live 16mm visuals by Guillaume Vallée


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