Howlarts 2014.12.29 Howl! — P6 legal defence benefit


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_1 [Stefan Christoff & Marco Simonsen-Sereda]


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_2 [Jason Blackbird Selman]


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_3 [Amir Amiri]


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_4 [Julien] – Le Règlement P-6


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_5 [Sarah Mangle & Gregory Burton]


Howlarts 2014.12.29 P6_6 [Stefan Christoff & Norman Nawrocki]



Howl P6 [photo Thien V]
[photo Thien V]
Howl! — P6 legal defence benefit
Lundi/Monday 29 Décembre 2014, Casa del Popolo
Howl! benefit concert for the legal defence efforts in challenge to the P6 bylaw that bans free demonstration in Montréalwith / avec Amir Amiri / Sarah Mangle / Gregory Burton / Jason Blackbird Selman / Norman Nawrocki / Marco Simonsen-Sereda / Stefan Christoffin collaboration with Anarchopanda pour la gratuité scolaire*Norman Nawrocki, violin / Stefan Christoff, piano, in duet*Sarah Mangle & Gregory Burton in duet
Sarah Mangle is a white queer artist, writer, musician and educator who has been living Montreal over the past 10 years. Sarah’s music encompasses childhood, survival in many forms, repetition, restraint, and release. Some people have called her an « outsider musician », but to quote Marcel the Shell, « compared to what? » .
Gregory Burton has been active as a musician in Montreal for many years. He teaches, writes songs, plays jazz and helps people make recordings. He enjoys all kinds of instruments and all kinds of people. He especially enjoys playing with Sarah Mangle which he has been doing since 2006.*Marco Simonsen-Sereda, saw & guitar / Stefan Christoff, pianoMarco Simonsen-Sereda has been making various noise and music on & off for years, mostly as part of the FerdydurkE Trio. Now he gets to play a bit of electric guitar & musical saw accompanying Stefan Christoff on pianoMarco Simonsen-Sereda s’amuse à faire divers bruits & musique depuis de nombreuses années, principalement en tant que membre du Trio FerdydurkE. Il a maintenant l’occasion de jouer un peu de guitare électrique et de scie musicale en accompagnement de Stefan Christoff au piano*

Amir Amiri, solo performance

Amir Amiri, born in Tehran, Iran, where he studied the santur, a 72-string hammer dulcimer that lies at the heart of Persian classical music. Amiri has worked with Bob Becker, Edgar Meyer and David Takeno as well as jazz aritsts Hugh Fraser, Darcy Phillip Gray, Mike Murley and John Stetch. Amiri has worked extensively as a percussionist, composer, musical director and consultant for numerous Canadian dance and theatre companies. Recently Amiri released Arghavan a solo album.

Amir Amiri, né à Téhéran en Iran où il a étudié le santur, un dulcimer de 72 cordes frappées qui repose au cœur de la musique classique Perse. Amiri a aussi bien travaillé avec Bob Becker, Edgar Meyer et David Takeno qu’avec les artistes jazz Hugh Fraser, Darcy Phillip Gray, Mike Murley et John Stetch. Amiri a travaillé plus largement en tant que percussionniste, compositeur, directeur musical et consultant pour de nombreuses compagnies de danse et de théâtre Canadiennes. Récemment, Amiri a sorti Arghavan, un album solo.


Jason Blackbird Selman, solo trumpet / poetry

Jason Blackbird Selman has served the Montreal arts scene for more than a decade as both poet and trumpet player. He has self published several chapbooks over the years culminating in his first published work The Freedom I Stole (2008, Cumulus Press). He has also served as co-editor for the poetry anthology Talking Book which chronicles the writings of the one of a kind musical ensemble Kalm Unity Vibe Collective (of which he is a founding member). Jason has also worked with the dynamic live Hip Hop group Nomadic Massive. He is the creator and producer of the Intimate Sky performance series which features select members of both Kalm Unity and Nomadic Massive in enlightening and intimate small group configurations.


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