Howlarts 2015.02.06 Howl! — artistes contre la brutalité policière I #blacklivesmatter

Howlarts_Live_artistes contre la brutalité policière I #blacklivesmatter (vidéos):


Howlarts 2015.02.06 Sam Shalabi


Howlarts 2015.02.06 Strange Froots


Howlarts 2015.02.06 Ewlad Leblad


Howlarts 2015.02.06 Nantali Indongo


Howlarts 2015.02.06 dArk mAAt’r



*audio/vidéo : blogocram & Cyborg_Simon


last words
(graphic by Shirin Barghi)

Howl! — artistes contre la brutalité policière I #blacklivesmatter
Vendredi/Friday 06 Février 2015, Sala Rossa
Howl Arts Collective + Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival + Kalmunity co-present, as part of Kalmunity’s BLACK LIBERATION MONTH series…

performances by dArk mAAt’tr / Sam Shalabi / Strange Froots / Ricardo « Emrical » Lamour-Blaise !

a community concert aiming to speak out against police violence, brutality and killings across colonial borderlines. inspired by the fierce grassroots movement that is standing up to police killings targeting people of colour, specifically African Americans.

this community concert aims to raise funds to bring artists involved in the movement to Montreal to offer their reflections and thoughts about the ongoing movement within the upcoming Howl arts festival in April.

an initiative between members of Howl and Kalmunity.

(graphic by Shirin Barghi)

confirmed artists outlined below, additional artists to be announced soon !

feat. performances by :

* dArk mAAt’r

M△RK H△YNES :bass & subatomic tones-
CONN SH△WNERY:samples & interplanetary fx-
JMF:keyboards & alien interpreter-
J△HSUN:ancestral beats & fragments of the big bang-

dArk mAAt’r’s combination of familiar and innovative elements inspires curiosity and intrigue in their listeners. Their brand of « Cosmic FreeDome Funk » represents a blending of samples, soundscapes & an electro/acoustic sound that flows into a tapistry of hipjazzsoulbopfunkhop. While they paint a picture of sound, audiences can explore and experience multi-layered musical depths …or simply, GrOOve!

dArk mAAt’r inspire la curiosité de ses auditeurs en combinant éléments novateurs et familiers. Leur style qu’ils nomment « Cosmic Freedom Funk » représente un savant mélange d’ échantillons sonores, et d’ambiances électro-acoustiques qui donnent naissance à une tapisserie hipjazzsoulbobfunkhop. Pendant qu’ils créent une veritable peinture sonore, l’audience est libre d’explorer et d’expérimenter plusieurs niveaux de profondeurs musicales…ou de simplement grOOver!

* Sam Shalabi (solo oud performance)

One of Montreal’s most unique and prolific players over the past decade and a half, Shalabi performs constantly on electric guitar and oud, with regular appearances in numerous jazz and free improv ensembles, membership in a kaleidoscope of avant rock bands, and at the compositional helm of various musical assemblages large and small, with the namesake Shalabi Effect among the most consistent. Shalabi moved to Cairo in 2011 while maintaining strong and active connections to the experimental music communities of Montreal. His experiences arriving at an apartment one block from Tahrir Square, in the midst of Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’, led to the composition of the The Big Mango, the latest work for his group, Land of Kush. He was also featured in the 2004 documentary, Being Osama, which detailed the lives of 6 Montreal men named Osama in the post 9/11 world.

* Strange Froots

Strange Froots is a trio of singers-songwriters, musicians and beatmakers, comprised of Mags, SageS and Naïka Champaïgne. These 3 young women were brought together under NoBad Sound Studio to participate in a potential women-run workshop, in the hopes of encouraging more girls and young women to express themselves musically in an environment dominated by the male gender. What was supposed to be a series of music workshops, turned into the forming of a band, each member being an artist in their own rights.
Strange Froots is the coming together of different backgrounds of the same Black diaspora (Haiti, Jamaica, Senegal and Ghana) as well as drastically different musical influences, to convey the message that everyone should embrace who they are no matter where they’re from or what they’re going through, because in this life we are all fighting our individual battles, and even forget that others are fighting as well, but that it shouldn’t keep us from living our best life while we can.

* Emrical

Poète, activiste communautaire, artiste hip-hop qui aborde les luttes pour la justice sociale, militant contre le racisme, le profilage racial et la brutalité policière, Emrical, de son vrai nom Ricardo Lamour-Blaise, est aussi activement impliqué avec Montréal Nord Républik!

poet, community activist and hip-hop artist addressing struggles for social justice, speaking out against racial profiling and police brutality. Emrical (Ricardo Lamour-Blaise) has also been actively involved in Montréal Nord Républik and is a member of Kalmunity !

Montreal-North stand up

Emrical – Combien de morts

* Parker Mah

Musical vagabond and inveterate digger, Parker Mah aka Rhythm & Hues has been sharing his offbeat selections for over 10 years, first as a radio show host and producer (World Skip the Beat on CKUT 90.3 FM, among others) and later as a DJ. A trained musician, his travels have taken him from Japan to South Africa to Colombia and back, collecting music with an ear to the unconventional, the transcultural, and the danceable. From mbalax to maracatu, cumbia to kwaito, his sets are a potion for curious and thirsty ears.

Listen to his mixes & podcasts at:
Download his first EP at:

Mélomane vagabond et collectionneur fini, Parker Mah alias Rhythm & Hues partage ses sélections uniques pendant plus que 10 ans, d’abord en tant qu’animateur et producteur radio (World Skip the Beat sur les ondes de CKUT 90,3 FM, entre autres), et plus tard comme DJ. Un musicien de formation, ses périples l’ont amené du Japon jusqu’en Colombie en passant par l’Afrique du Sud, tout en ramassant de la musique à sensibilité peu conventionnelle, transculturelle et surtout dansable. Du mbalax au maracatu, du cumbia au kwaito, ses mix sauront rassasier l’oreille curieuse.

Écouter ses mix et balados:
Télécharger son premier album:

* Ewlad Leblad

* Nantali Indongo

////   Howl! arts collective – info(at)


+ Howlarts_Live_artistes contre la brutalité policière I #blacklivesmatter (vidéos):


Howlarts_Live (vidéos):


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